Ford Puma review | Ford's crossover in ST-Line X trim!

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If you're of a certain age, the name Puma will mean a totally different type of Ford. Sadly, coupe variants aren't as in demand compared to crossovers these days so suck it up and get on board with the 2020 version of what Ford has given the Puma name to.

Small crossovers tend to offer more clever tricks than full on crossovers whether it's an extendable rear bench or in this case, a Mega Box in the boot.

The version in this video is an ST-Line X which means it has all but a potent ST engine but with 125ps, there's loads on tap here all things being said. €27, 917 is the starting price of the ST-Line while the most basic Puma comes in at €25,243 plus Ford Ireland have some pretty good offers on at the moment - savings of up to €3,150 on selected models, low APR loan packages and the extra peace of mind of 7 years warranty and 7 years roadside assistance. More info at

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00:00 Puma boot & Mega Box
01:30 Exterior walk around
02:39 Interior rear
03:49 Interior front
04:34 Irish prices
04:57 Infotainment
05:58 Road test
09:12 Summary
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