Free Cold Air Intake Drive Test on 98 to 05 Ford Expedition, F150, Mustang

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Free cold air intake drive test with SCT X4 tuner. This tuner has 8 gages you can view at one time in real time. I view the intake temp gage during the drive. Outside air is at 50 Deg F. After driving the Expedition for 30 minutes, the engine is at upper operating temperatures. Factory equipped expedition the engine temperatures are hot after running for 30 minutes or more and when you open the hood, the hot air hits you. After my mods, intake, exhaust, hood heat shield and engine cover removal, after driving same time, and opening hood, no hot air hits you, in contrary, engine is cool to the touch and intake tube is even cooler. Driving the expedition with the hood closed, the intake temperatures stay same temperature as the outside air which is ideal for intake temperatures. I pull over side of the road and let engine idle after driving 30 plus minutes, intake temperature goes up a few degrees which is expected with vehicle not moving. Intake temperatures lower again to outside temperatures within seconds when I start driving the vehicle again. Bottom line, all my Free mods together create a cold air intake. Even vehicles equipped with an expensive cold air intake will get hotter when car is idling in traffic or at stop lights. Same results with my free intake mod and an intake mod costing upwards of $300. Test netted great results and for the price of free, you cannot beat it.
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