Mercedes Benz GLB250 Test Review

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The Mercedes SUV range must rate as one of the most complete with the variety of options and sizes of SUV's from GLA to GLC to GLE and then GLS. In particular I would say that the GLA and GLC have a very similar look and style with the GLC being a larger vehicle.

Now enter the GLB, but it's not just another derivative that fits between it's 2 siblings. The GLB is very different, being far more square and angular and somehow looking more like an off-roader compared to the SUV looks of the GLA and GLC. The more angular and square body also creates a larger interior with the GLB offering the option of 5 or 7 seats.

The off-road look is accentuated by body cladding and large 19 inch alloy wheels on the test car. Interestingly, of the 2 model options in the range only the 220d diesel version is offered with 4Matic all-wheel drive. The 250 petrol model as tested is front-wheel drive through the typical ultra-smooth 8 speed dual clutch automatic transmission.

The interior is typical of all current Mercedes models, so I must comment on my continued dislike of the column stalk for gearshifting. I still have occasions when shifting to neutral instead of indicating a lane change. The white leather interior looks stunning when new but could be a problem over the long term regarding keeping it clean.

The 2L turbopetrol engine delivers 165kW and 350Nm so the car has extremely lively performance. I was actually quite surprised by this performance, possibly because I've driven so many of the diesels in the Mercedes range recently.

An open road cruise delivered 6.6l/100km with overall economy for the test showing 8.7l/100km. This is probably due to being stuck in 2 horrendous traffic jams during the test otherwise I'm sure the overall figure would have been better.

Another feature is the very large boot area in excess of 500l with the rear seats in place.

The current list price for the GLB 250 is R839 750 but as always, this figure can increase with the options that you choose. A 5 year/ 100 000km full maintenance plan is included.

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