NEW Ford Transit RWD (130hp) | 0-100 | POV Test Drive #707 Joe Black

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Car: Ford Transit VIII VAN 2.0 NEW ECOBLUE 130 HP JUMBO

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0:00 Intro
0:03 Walk-around and interior
0:50 City drive
3:00 Bumpy road
5:07 Tunnel
5:52 Casual driving
7:37 Acceleration
8:00 Highway
11:04 Engine view
11:14 Fuel Consumption

Engine: 2.0L Petrol (Gasolina) 4-cylinders
Displacement (cc): 1995
Power: 96 kW/130 hp
Torque: 385 Nm
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Traction: RWD (Rear-Wheel Drive)

Acceleration Joe Black (0–100 km/h): 18,8 s.
Top Speed: N/A
Fuel Consumption Combined in l/100 km by : N/A
Fuel Consumption Combined in l/100 km by Joe Black: 10,1

Fuel Tank Capacity: 70l
Total Range: N/A
Weight: 1435 Kg
Cargo Space: 421 Liter
Model: 2020
Base Price: 29.600 EUR 

Driver: Joe Black
Video: GoPro Hero 9 Black / Sony a6300 + Sigma 16mm f1.4
Audio: Zoom H2n (recorder) & Roland CS-10EM (binaural microphones)
Edit: MacBook Pro / Final cut Pro X


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